After a long flight to Los Angeles, Lotfi Lamaali rolled over to Dogtown for a much needed coffee. But he ordered more than just a cup of joe. With a special delivery, he got a fresh setup and was ready to roll. LA native, Ari Chamasmany heard he was in town and ripped over to the Westside to greet him in the most endearing way. It may not be the same old Dogtown but it’s just what Lotfi needed to get his trip started.

Film/Edit: Achel Machin
Photos/Additional Film: Andrei Churakov

“Ripping the streets of legendary Dogtown with the homie Ari Shark felt pretty special. There’s some mystical vibes to the neighborhood that you can sense while cruising on a board.”

Lotfi Lamaali

“Heard the French Connection, Lotfi Lamaali was in town, choppin’ it up on the west side.. Obviously I couldn’t let him have all the fun.”

Ari Chamasmany