Living, skating, and doing everything in between with someone can be a blessing and a curse. You feed off each other, push each other, and progress together. But we all know that it can be difficult at times. Alexandra and Laurent have been together for 7 years, and not only do they share it all, they do it all!
“It’s been 7 years now sharing my life with Alex. She’s an incredible woman with a strong character. She’s always ready for adventures, which is great, because we’re always doing something. We ride everything and she’s never shy to give it a try. Doing new things, finding new spots, together we're always on the go!” - Laurent

“For me, Biarritz is a very fun place to skate. The skatepark has both street and bowls, but gets challenging to ride all day long. Good thing there's other places to ride like the beach!"

Laurent Perigault

Basking in Basque Country