Catalina Island x Paris Truck Co
Assemble the crew. | P: Serrat

Like usual I'm kind of unorganized. It was saturday night when I asked team manager, Ryan Ricker if I could go to Catalina Island the next day with the crew. Of course he freaked out, “The freeride is tomorrow and I didn’t know you were able to come. I hope the ferry isn’t sold out.” he said. The plan was to head to the island at 6am. I crossed my fingers that there was still a ferry ticket available. After dealing with some technical difficulties we are finally able to book a ticket.

"I was going to skate one of the the oldest race tracks in longboard history!"

We woke up early Sunday morning. I scrambled to pack up and of course the rest of the crew was waiting. Alex Colorito showed up with his car and Ryan and Emma Daigle loading up.. I could feel the pressure. Then I realized Sho Ouellette was still asleep on the couch. It’s not me that’s last! We woke him up and rushed out the door. An hour later we were in Long Beach at the ferry terminal.

Catalina Island x Paris Truck Co
Waiting out the rain. | P: Colorito

We boarded the ferry and off we went. The weather didn't look promising and the sea was anything but calm. Upon arriving, rain welcomed us to the island. We got our gear and decided to have breakfast while waiting for the rain to pass. Finally there was a break in the clouds and the sun came out. We enjoyed the first rays of sunshine and headed to the hill. The track dried up pretty fast and it was time to skate! We skated all day, run after run. The guys were charging and having fun going fast. I decided to take a mellower approach, cruising a few runs before grabbing my camera to capture the beauty of the island.

"The track dried up pretty fast and it was time to skate!"

Catalina Freeride x Paris Truck Co
Ricker leads Troy into one of the many curves. | P:Serrat

After the event was over we decided to go on a mission to explore the little town of Avalon. Troy Grenier and Morgan Owens met up with us. They had been on the island for a couple of days already and had some spots to show us. Smiles and good vibes are the main thing on any of Paris missions, so we all had a blast cruising around, and of course everybody shreds.

Catalina Island x Paris Truck Co
Out in full force. | P: Serrat

After three hours hiking and skating everyone was hungry. We all dispersed, finding our own place to get food. Some at the grocery store, others at restaurants. We met back at the port and waited for the ferry. The ride back was a lot smoother. We soaked in the sunset across the ocean and reminisced about our island adventure. So many good moments shared that I will never forget.